The Sisters van Gogh

Willem-jan verlinden

About this book

This is the unique life story of the three Van Gogh sisters set against a turbulent period in history, based on their own written letters and other family documents. The book includes a large number of letters and images, some of which have never been seen before in book form.

The Van Gogh family had six children, of whom Vincent and Theo received early widespread appreciation. But what happened to the other children in the family? In “The Van Gogh Sisters,” author and art historian Willem-Jan Verlinden brings the three daughters of the Van Gogh family out of the shadow of their brothers and paints a fascinating picture, often in their own words, of the (young) ladies and the tumultuous developments during the second half of the nineteenth century and the turn of the century.

The story of Anna, Lies, and Wil has never been told before. They grew up during a time when long distances could be traveled by train for the first time, ‘impressionist’ was still a nickname, the women’s movement was just in its infancy, and dreamers of various political persuasions took to the barricades to declare revolution. Willem-Jan Verlinden beautifully captures the aspirations and dreams of the sisters, as well as their disappointments and sorrows. “The Van Gogh Sisters” provides a unique glimpse into the eventful lives of the sisters based on their previously unstudied correspondence with each other.


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